A 1.2 million square foot super-regional mall located in southwestern San Bernardino County in California, Montclair Place is one of Los Angeles’ oldest malls; originally built in 1968 it has undergone two significant renovations but as of late has seen lagging sales. To maintain its cross-generational popularity conceptual plans for an additional, monumental renovation have been developed which focus on energizing the mall’s exterior presence, modernizing the food court and establishing indoor-outdoor connections that will transform the shopping center into a vital urban place with a strong community focus.

At the center of the mall’s revitalization plans is a new, exciting 75,000 sq.ft. Entertainment Complex with multiple cinemas, bowling alley and gaming area. Linked to the existing mall by open walk-ways, landscaped green spaces, alfresco restaurants and an outdoor shopping district; the area is envisioned as a vibrant social scene and pedestrian destination.

Renderings by Norm Li Architectural Graphics.