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June 2015 – Setting a new standard for Toronto’s hospitality is Kasa Moto, the new two storey contemporary Japanese restaurant brought to you by the Chase Hospitality Group. Responsible for the widely successful Colette Grand Cafe, The Chase and Little Fin, the group has once again introduced a uniquely inspired venue to the city.

Kasa Moto offers inventive Japanese cuisine in a modern and artistic environment. Designed by II BY IV DESIGN, the space is comfortable, charming and spacious. With minimalist colours such as beige, brown, soft gold and grey, the decor is nothing short of beautiful. Japanese-inspired elements, such as Geisha art, imported tiles, and delicate Japanese flowers embrace the country’s culture, all while staying true to Yorkville’s trendy atmosphere.

Upon entering, you’re immediately greeted by a friendly hostess dressed in a classy purple dress. With oustanding customer service, the hostesses will make sure that your first few seconds in the restaurant are impeccable, setting the stage for a fantastic dining experience. To the left of the hostess stand is a small, semi-private area with 2 tables and a large floor-to-ceiling window overlooking bustling Yorkville Avenue.

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice a truly elegant environment. The downstairs portion of the restaurant, which is the dining room incorporates a large bar, various tables and booths, plus an open concept sushi kitchen and bar. As you keep walking through the space, you’ll arrive at a semi-private wine cellar room with a larger group-size table, perfect for corporate or private bookings.

The upstairs portion of Kasa Moto stays true to the mood of the venue, however the colours vary, offering a darker scheme with greys and navy blues. During evening hours, the upstairs portion becomes Bar Moto. It’s a more laid back, social environment with a large bar that takes up an entirely separate room.

Keep walking through Bar Moto to reach the patio. At first, the patio looks small and quaint, with a few comfortable booths made with oak wood furniture. However, to the left is a narrow hallway which brings you to the main (not to mentioned massive) rooftop patio. This gorgeous patio also offers minimalist colour schemes, more specifically light grey and black with vibrant greenery. The patio is reminiscent of an L.A or Vegas space, giving that upscale summer vibe. Private cabanas, comfy couches, and plenty of room to stand make this patio our number one choice for after work drinks this summer. We just couldn’t help but notice how brilliantly executed the patio is; it’s a truly dynamic environment.

Kasa Moto’s menu pays close attention to Japanese tradition yet offers an innovative edge. Overseen by Executive Chef Michael Parubocki, Chef de Cuisine Daisuke Izutsu and Sushi Chef Tsuyoshi Yoshinaga, the menu offers cutting-edge flavours and a diversity in selection. Their offerings currently include 8 cold dishes, 7 hot dishes, 8 robata items, 6 large plates and a maki section. Fresh ingredients and housemade components are at the forefront of this restaurant’s kitchen. A must try!

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Impressing a date

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After work drinks

The adventurous foodie

Sushi lovers

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