Boutique Design – Marriott Hotel


April 2015 – Designers dish on which of today’s top trends are here to stay and which need to be rethought – or retired – when it comes to crafting the compelling public spaces of the future.

It’s a tough job to marry art, technology, multi-functionality and style into a wow hotel lobby in 2015. Going forward, it’s going to get harder, faster. By 2020, the demand curve from guests and clients will be adding whole new categories of expectations for areas both travelers and locals will love.

That said, nothing’s coming off the checklist for standout public space design. From a welcoming atmosphere to effortless check-in, all of today’s musts will still be part of the minimum daily requirement.

[. . .]

Guests aren’t going to unplug. But designers might have to, or at least modulate their approach from a single, high-octane focal point to subtle touches across the lobby area. “Video walls and oversized digital displays have their place in extravagant locations like Las Vegas, but they’re not valid design tools for most hotels of the future,” says Dan Menchions, partner, II BY IV DESIGN.

What will be? Using tech systems and toys to give the whole space – not just one wall – an experimental pop. “All surfaces will become active and interactive. New, smart materials will become display and interface at the same time and seamlessly connect the guest to the house,” says Christoph Korner.


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